Behind the Faebella logo

What’s in a logo?

Selecting the logo to represent the brand was tricky. We wanted to choose something that would represent what the brand was about but also represent the origins of the founder which were integral to the brand’s message and social purpose.

Since the founder is representative of both Australia’s indigenous cultures, being both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, we decided to incorporate aspects of both of these culture’s flags. If you look at the logo, the centre of the design is a circle. This circle represents the sun of the Aboriginal flag. Secondly, the two curved lines on the outside of the logo represent the dhari headdress from the Torres Strait Islander flag. The shape the sun sits in also has the deep v from the dhari headdress on the flag.

Another insight about the logo we’d like to share is what can be seen if it is tilted to the side. It sort of looks like a fish. But it also appears to be the alpha symbol to recognise the indigenous people of Australia as the first people.

It is our mission to make sure you see this logo frequently and having positive associations. We are a brand that seeks to not only share and celebrate Native Australian culture but celebrate everyone’s origins as people and what each difference contributes to the world as a whole. We want to share Native Australian stories but also inspire you to share your own. Join us around the fire!

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