Wendy Rix

 Wendy Rix is a proud Yuwaalaraay woman, currently living in Brisbane.
She's a contemporary, experiential and indigenous artist. She loves painting stories and telling stories.
"What I feel I paint, it's what I want to say when I can't find the right words. I paint some of our history, but not a lot as its been lost over the years. I paint experiences, moods, feelings, and I believe you can connect with an artwork, just like it can speak to you."

Melissa 'Jingalu' Craig

 'Jingalu' Melissa Craig traces her Aboriginal heritage to the Gumbayngirr and Yaegl Tribes in New South Wales. She regularly exhibits her artwork here in Australia and around the world, including Washington DC, Santa Fe in New Mexico, San Francisco and Colarado. Jingalu is also a regular contributor to the jeans for genes foundation by painting on well-known persons such as Jessica Mauboy's jeans. 
"I paint stories from my life experiences, from the Dreamtime in my area, from my family's experiences and from the overall history of Aboriginal Australia."

Michael Nona


Michael Nona, aged 26, is an upcoming Torres Strait Island Artist from the Argun tribe, Badu Island. His mediums are paint, wood carving and Lino printing. He has worked in crayfishing since he was 17 and so most of his artworks reflects what he has seen and experienced as a crayfishermen and in his life.

Justin Majid

Justin Majid is a respected Boigu, Badu, Horn Island and Aboriginal artist. He specialises in prints that depict legends he was told growing up between Horn Island and Cairns. He paints mostly sea animals and legendary figures of the sea that are highly regarded in Torres Strait Islander culture.

Nathan Mundraby



A proud descendant of three clans (Jabulum Mandingalbay, Yidinji & Lama Lama), Nathan Mundraby is an internationally renowned artist. He is also a popular didgeridoo player. He has even performed with megastar Hugh Jackman. Nathan enjoys working with colour and has created many masterpieces like the one below. If you are interested in purchasing his artwork, let us know and we can put you in direct contact with Nathan.