Our Mission

Our mission is designed to bring about the vision we have for the world. 


A world where Indigenous Australian people are recognised and celebrated as the descendants and representatives of such a rich culture and history. To be recognised for the valuable knowledge and perspectives we as a people of the oldest surviving culture can share with the world. To be celebrated for the positive values we can share with all peoples being our love for the land, our respect for our most elderly and wisest, our impossibly strong sense of community, our emphasis on sharing, our stories, our laughter, our dancing, our singing, our love for food and nurturing of the body and most importantly, our courage to be authentic. 



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art is beautiful, bold, eye-catching and meaningful and we want the world to see this and appreciate it as we do here at Faebella.  We source authentic artworks from real Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and share their story as well as the story behind their art with you through a two-pronged approach; firstly, through reproducing the artwork on our own products and secondly, inspiring other business' to do the same. 

Faebella would like to become the place to seek indigenous artwork. We want to represent artists in dealings with other businesses, brands and organisations to give them greater confidence in the market. By becoming the primary organisation for Indigenous artwork and artists, we could develop a system of well-defined and sustainable practice that will protect the interests of artists. 

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